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K.C.E.C offers a variety of ministries that offers tools of empowerment and development.  These ministries are all biblically based.  We focus on Kingdom Principles as an outline to structure every program that is developed.  We believe that Kingdom principles birth and nourishes that results that we desire in every aspect of our being.

Kingdom Kids Ministry

Kingdom kids ministry is a ministry that is tailored to teach our toddlers and pre-teens. It is fundamentally structured to began building the smallest of God's children.

Godly Relationship

Love and Respect is a class that is offered to singles as well as couples.  It places strong emphasizes on building and maintaining healthy and God centered relationships.

Boys To Men

Boys to Men ministry helps develop young men into the transition of becoming men.  Preparing through biblical teachings on what the true core of a man is.

 Sister to Sister Women's Ministry 

Save, Single, Satisfied, & Slayed is our young women's ministry that assist young women in identifying their self-worth while developing Godly confidence within themselves.


K.C.E.C evangerlism ministry takes the word of God outside of the church building into the places and people that may not or haven't chosen to visit a church building.  It's allowing the gospel to be shared wherever to whomever.

Outreach is a very essential and important part of ministry.  We are always looking for various ways that we can express the love of God through our work in the community.  We are always in need of volunteers to carry out such an awesome and needed work.

Outreach Ministry



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